Accurate Laser : Frequently Asked Questions.

We all know how embarrassing unwanted body hair is. Not only does it damage your confidence but can prevent you from wearing what you want – whether it means shying from a cute skirt or saying no to a sleeveless top. You may have tried to solve the problem by shaving or waxing but you’ll also know these are short term solutions that aren’t always practical. Luckily, you can now Choose a long lasting method to rid yourself of unwanted hair with Accurate Laser. Our laser hair removal system is easy, comfortable and proven to eliminate unwanted hair On almost any part of your body.

Accurate Laser are a team of experienced professionals committed to your goal of hair removal.

When you choose Accurate Laser, you’ll experience exceptional care from highly trained specialists. That is why you are always welcome to come in for a free consultation and talk through the details of our treatment. We will be happy to answer any queries.

1. How effective is Laser Hair Removal?

Amazingly the treatments will reduce over 80% of hair regardless of skin colour or gender. In the past, hair removal was off limits for darker complexions or difficult to use in the Summer months. As technology became more sophisticated these limitations dwindled and eventually refined itself into a system that Accurate Laser deploy on our customers. Of course the amount of treatments needed on a person depends on genetics, age, hair colour, follicle density and hormonal balance. However you will be guaranteed to see a significant reduction in the thickness and regrowth of your hair after your very first treatment. In the weeks before your next appointment you will notice follicles appear finer and weaker and you’ll benefit from less grooming. You’ll wonder if it’s a miracle, but it’s just Accurate Laser.

2. What is the difference between Laser Hair Removal and IPL?

Many people will be confused between laser hair removal and IPL, often thinking they are the same. On the contrary there are marked differences between the two. Both methods use energy to affect follicle growth. However laser treatment uses a focused and precise beam to target specific areas, whereas IPL’s method radiates energy broadly. Hence IPL patients will have an increased chance of burns and less successful removal rates. Moreover the thicker, deeper follicles are not reached as successfully, leaving a lot of room for failure. Extra customization in highly sophisticated laser treatments calibrate the machine to your particular hair type and colour. Beams are focused to penetrate targeted areas so not only is injury virtually impossible but zapping is made foolproof. Due to the difference in technology IPL treatments costs less but are weaker compared to laser removal. This means you have to pay additional costs in the long run in order to achieve what a better quality system offers. So when you decide whether to choose between one or the other, we recommend investing in laser hair removal.

3. So how does your Hair Removal System work?

After your initial consultation and assessment, technicians adjust settings that are perfect for you. This includes intensity and type of laser required because it is your melanin (dark pigments) that the laser is attracted to. You’ll be provided with adequate eye protection because our lasers deliver intense light beams. The beams are converted into heat energy and absorbed by the cells that hold the follicle. We target hair that are in the Anagen phase of development, which means we stunt their growth and so maximize your results. Better still, under the laser’s light our technicians have a magnified picture of the situation and can see trouble spots easily. Best of all, the treatments are usually very short that most people can drop by during their lunch break. Cryogen sprays and an aloe vera gel we provide afterwards ensure you stay cool all the way through. All you need to do is turn up and reap the rewards. Our procedure is also safe before and after sun exposure so you will not lose any effects from previous treatments. So, no matter where your worry lies, we can almost certainly help you achieve that freshly-removed feeling for the long term.

4. Are there any risks?

Laser hair removal for the body and face is a non-invasive procedure but must be carried out by professionals, such as those at Accurate Laser. When you visit us, we use expert knowledge to offer optimal treatment specific to you. Rest assured that there is no generic procedures because we don’t believe one size fits all. Unlike waxing or tweezing, there is not pain involved because we do not pull at the roots. Unlike shaving there are no cuts, and unlike depilatory creams there is no risk of irritation or allergy. In the short term you may see slight reactions such as redness but these are temporary, inconspicuous and disappear very shortly. So whether you’ve booked half legs or a facial treatment, at Accurate Laser you’ll be in safe hands.

5. Are there any other benefits besides my new smoothness?

Yes there are! For starters you will experience fewer ingrown hairs. This annoyance will be familiar for anyone who regularly shaves. When the hair curls or grows back into the skin, and does not sprout properly, there may be a bump or in some cases an infection (known as folliculitis). Trapped hairs can be painful and unsightly, appearing anywhere on the body. Fortunately when treatment begins you’ll notice fewer ingrown hairs because follicle growth will be disrupted with the intention of eventual eradication. Additionally the surrounding skin will be smoother and silkier. This is due to the finer, slower regrowth compared to the bristles that reappear shortly after your old methods of removal. Discolouration, hyper-pigmentation and irritation derived from folliculitis or associated conditions will settle down. Once a permanent reduction of hair has been established, these side-effects calm and eventually fade away.

6. How many treatments are needed for me?

Treatment depends on you. If you have coarse, thick hair this will affect the amount needed compared to someone with a fine and fair coverage. As everything is tailored to the individual we can only give you as much information as possible. Most clients need up to six treatments but some areas require less e.g. 50% of leg hair should be gone by three visits. What takes someone longer to achieve may come to you in a fraction of the time. The only guidelines we give are that the laser cannot detect grey or white hairs, if you have a hormonal condition such as PCOS this will impact on treatments needed, and hereditary factors will also affect outcome. That being said, we have successfully treated women with PCOS as well as transgender and transvestite patients. We are equipped to treat a breadth of cases so do not feel like your situation will limit your success.

7. How long do I wait in-between sessions?

Due to the cycle of hair shed and regrowth, we target the follicles at the active growth phase. This cycle varies in different parts of the body, however on average you will need to wait between four to six weeks before your next session. Expect facial treatments to have a shorter waiting time, while longer gaps will be needed for procedures on the body.

8. What do I do before and after treatments?

The beauty of laser hair removal is that there is very little maintenance involved before and after treatments. When you visit Accurate Laser’s clinic, we’ll first carry out a trial on a small area of skin. This helps us to foresee any possible reactions and to assess your treatment before proceeding. This way you always know that you’ll get the most successful and safe option possible – and you’ll be in good hands throughout.

Because we understand that you may be feeling a little nervous, we give you all the support you need and answer any questions you may have. As our clients will tell you, a little nervousness is more than worth the new sense of self-confidence our treatments can give you. So once your patch test is complete and you have booked in for a course of treatments, we will ask you to shave the area a few days before your visit. This allows the laser beams to penetrate all the way down. We advise all our clients to take care of their skin for the next 24 hours after treatment and avoid showering with very hot water, exfoliating the area or sweating excessively. Beyond this period however you can continue to your daily routine without worry. Although our system is safe to use before and after sun exposure, as a precaution, we also suggest avoiding direct sunlight or to apply a sunblock for extra protection.

The rest of the hair treated will shed within a fortnight and you are free to keep the area shaved and clean when the finer hairs return. So you don’t have to worry about looking “stubbly”. Then before you know it your next treatment will be due. In this way Accurate Laser manage the best way for you to remain clean and smooth from start to finish.

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