Freckles and age spots

Unfortunately, as we grow older, the ravages of time take their toll on our bodies. Our skin ends up losing its beautiful condition as we age and cannot care for ourselves. Or our lifestyles may mean that we do not take the necessary measures to protect from the elements.
The most common skin blemish issues you may be experiencing are likely to be:


The most common skin blemish issues you may be experiencing are likely to be:
  • Age spots
  • Freckles


What are age spots?

Age spots are also known as liver spots or sunspots. They are commonly brown or tanned areas of skin that have been over-exposed to the sun. They are also a part of the aging process and you may have found them appearing on the back of your hand, chest, or face. Sometimes they may appear prematurely as a result of too much sunning and not enough sunscreen. Brits are especially guilty of this sin when the chance to strip off on holiday becomes too great to resist.
Although a glowing tan is beautiful in the short term, recurrent exposure to the sun’s UV rays is what promotes the appearance of age spots.


What are freckles?

Freckles are the scattering of a skin pigment called melanin that appears as lighter or darker spots on the body, face, shoulders, arms, or chest. They can be lightly or densely distributed and can develop naturally or encouraged by constant exposure to the sun. Some races are predisposed to freckling and they may seem more noticeable on people of a fairer complexion. Whether you were born with freckles or they have come from the sunbed, if you feel conscious and uncomfortable with the impact they have on your features, Accurate Laser is here to help.


What can Accurate Laser do for you?

If you have found yourself developing these unsightly blemishes, it is easy to feel discouraged, self-conscious, or aged. Fortunately, most of all body parts affected by these issues can be successfully treated with Accurate Laser’s course of laser therapy. The treatments will only take minutes and there will be no need for gels or anesthetics. They can be conducted over your lunch break with no pain so you can walk away feeling good and looking great.

Typically only a few treatments will be needed to get you to the result you want. Initially, the area may appear darker. However, this is only temporary. Any darkness or reddening subsides within hours and freckles and spots will fade off. Our effects last and your blemishes will not re-appear. However, it is important that you wear adequate protection as new spots can form (although these can also be lasered). When we begin your treatment, a pulse of laser energy is beamed over your skin. This will be the process that initiates the reduction of the blemishes. Most patients have seen that their freckles or age spots have improved within two or three treatments.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest in laser technology, our staff are friendly &professional, and our results? See for yourself. So if you are ready to step into your new body, book with us now to receive your free consultation at once.

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