Transgendered & Transvestite Hair Removal

If you are a transwoman suffering from unsightly body and facial hair and want to banish that 5 o’clock shadow, Accurate Laser provide the solution to bring you closer towards that smooth womanly look. We offer a fast, reliable and cost-effective route to your dream body.

Hair removal is one of the biggest challenges for transvestites and transsexual women. Whether pre- or post-op, achieving a feminine appearance can be painful, expensive and never-ending. However advances in technology mean good news in your search for a beautiful female body.

Sensitive To Your Needs

Most individuals in the transgender and transvestite communities know what a full time job managing and maintaining an authentic female appearance can be. We understand it’s not just about looking like a woman; it’s about being a woman. So the way you feel about your body is important for the way you feel about yourself.

The problem for transvestites and transwomen is the incessant need to turn to shaving, waxing and other temporary methods of hair removal. While this may get rid of hair in the short term, it doesn’t take more than a few days to a week before your legs, arms and face are bristling with stubble trouble.

We at Accurate Laser know this and want to help you along your journey. Both men and woman have a certain level of testosterone in their bodies. Of course biologically born males will have much more and during puberty this is released into the bloodstream. The introduction of these hormones is what causes sexual differentiation and in males, the appearance of visibly coarse body and facial hair. Looking into the mirror and despairing daily dents your well-being and disrupts your life as a woman.

While hormone therapy is crucial to regulating these levels Accurate Laser’s treatments complement your progress by providing an almost instant and absolutely painless way of feeling more feminine. Being plagued with unwanted hair is no picnic. In fact it is distressing for most clients who walk through our door. So in order to put an end to your frustrations, Accurate Laser offer up the perfect solution to stop hair dead in its tracks.

Why Is Accurate Laser Right For You?

As beauty specialists Accurate Laser know that your ideal self seems forever buried beneath the undergrowth of hair, which frustratingly grows back thicker and darker than before. For all transgendered patients, a clean silky appearance is a crucial part of the transition.  Fortunately Accurate Laser are proud to offer a state-of the-art solution to ridding you of unwanted hair. Built with your needs in mind, he Candela GentleMax  Laser provides unbelievably effective and unbeatable results.

In our expert hands we administer laser treatments, medically approved and safe for all skin types: European, Asian, Mediterranean and Afro-Caribbean. It is also suitable on all areas of the body and all climates. Yes, this means you can receive treatment all year round – even during the summer. So no matter your skin tone or season, let us do the hard work for you.

By the end of your treatments we trust that you will feel satisfied with your smooth transformation. Imagine finally being able to wear that dress without snagging on stubble or flaunting your legs without care. You’ll find that our team is passionate about your success and Accurate Laser has often been labeled as being a big “family”. We care about your results and want you to step out with the body you were meant for.

How Does Accurate Laser’s Treatment Work?

With advances in technology we provide a revolutionary FDA-approved laser, which guarantees pain free zapping!. The laser precisely targets the area and beams it with strong pulses of energy that strike the hair follicles below the skin. The intense heat destroys the root without damaging your skin.
This is because our medical-grade laser has two onboard cryogen canisters that release a cooling spray immediately at the site of treatment. This means you get a guaranteed pain free experience time after time and avoid messy and ineffective anesthetic gels that other clinics require. It is so safe in fact that the FDA has approved it as suitable for all skin types with no long-term side effects.

At most clinics the clients experience slight discomfort because of the commonly used beauty-grade machinery. However at Accurate Laser our treatment is 100% painless.

Our laser successfully removes hair from trans-trouble spots:

  • Face: Beard, moustache, jawline, chin, sideburns, ears, neck, nose.
  • Torso: Chest, stomach, back and shoulders.
  • Limbs: Arms, underarms, legs, hands and feet.
  • Other: Buttocks, genital regions.

What Happens During My Free Consultation?

When you book in for a no obligation consultation from our highly trained staff, you will be offered complete confidentiality. There is no need to feel nervous or embarrassed, as our professional team will answer your questions and guide you every step of the way. We will examine your skin, hair type and ask you some standard questions. Then we carry out a patch test, which involves a few shots of the laser on a small area of skin to determine the best settings for you.

Once we have completed our assessment, you will be given feedback and told about the options available. We have had many satisfied transgendered and transvestite clients and are certain you will leave the meeting assured and informed. We invite you to step into your new hair free body as soon as you want, but come over and decide for yourself. There is never any catch with our consultations or obligation to buy.

Optimum Results With Accurate Laser

In most cases you will see an overall 80-90% hair reduction rate. We target the hair in its active growth stage. This means that the follicles can be destroyed from the bud to increase the laser’s effectiveness. Depending on your hair type usually a course of treatment is needed to permanently affect follicles so hair production is disrupted. We are equipped to deal with larger areas such as the beard and chest and offer the most effective, long-term hair removal you can achieve.
Immediately after treatment there will be some single raised areas where the laser has ‘caught’ the follicle. This means a slight redness that disappears shortly.

It takes roughly two weeks for hair to shed and a further two to four weeks for regrowth to occur. So we book appointments between four to six weeks apart. In between treatments we recommend using an Aloe Vera gel which we apply at our clinics immediately after your session. Avoid excess sun, heat and sweating for a few days afterwards. These points will be talked about in detail during your consultation.

Why Should I Choose Accurate Laser?

Not only does our treatment leave you silky and hairless, there are other benefits:

  • Besides hair removal, using our medical-grade laser will improve your skin’s texture and help with any ingrown hairs you may have.
  • We understand it is an emotional time becoming the woman you were meant to be. We offer a safe, private and respectful space for you to blossom into the real you.
  • This is a low maintenance investment which will save your literally thousands on razors, creams and waxing in the long run.
  • The money saved from no longer needing alternative hair removal can be used towards other necessary procedures along your journey.
  • Our discreet and reliable non-surgical packages focus on transgendered trouble spots such as face, legs, arms, chest, stomach, back and genital areas.
  • Efficient technology means larger areas of your body will be targeted faster, or smaller regions tackled with accuracy.
  • We offer no nonsense advise and clear cut facts.

Our treatments cut down and eventually remove the redness, soreness and rashes caused as a reaction to shaving and other hair removal techniques.

What Is Accurate Laser’s Pricing?

You may wonder if this miracle comes with a hefty price tag, but don’t worry. Our team is sensitive to the emotional and financial challenges of your situation so Accurate Laser offers a range of affordable treatments. Despite being a Holborn-based clinic, we offer fair and competitive prices. We will always listen to your needs to come up with the best offer to suit you, whether that means a payment plan or just a friendly ear to talk to.

Accurate Laser is a unisex clinic that welcomes all who want the best, most effective hair removal treatment in London. We are 100% confidential and fully support the LGBT community and its members.

  • Remove hair permanently in up to 90% of cases
  • Pain-free, cost-effective treatment
  • Perfect for removal of large areas of body hair

To find out more and take advantage of this life-changing treatment please book in for your free no obligation consultation now.

Accurate Laser