Hair removal for Cyclists

As a professional cyclist, you strive for that perfect combination of hard work and luck. You won’t let fitness and motivation hold you back. So why let body hair? Being at the top of your game is more than a profession, it is a lifestyle.

And with time and training of the utmost importance, can you really afford the cost of hair removal? With the risk of cuts and infection, shaving may seem like a quick fix but a bad nick can mark the end of gold-medal glory. Waxing is often a painful and traumatic option for hair follicles. Chemical removers can be harsh on sensitive skin and can leave nasty burns.

So why not try something new? You’d be pleased to hear about a method that is painless, fast, and affordable. That method is laser hair removal. This is why professional cyclists are turning to this effective treatment to eliminate fuzz in the long term.


Why must a professional cyclist remove body hair?

Competing professionally means taking into account all factors. The fact is that body hair means the difference between split-second victory or defeat. When preparing for a race, body hair can be a real hazard. As sweat collects and builds beneath a layer of Lycra the danger of chafing and infection rises. However, grit and dirt can be cleaned up quickly on smooth skin and of course, we all know the hair-free body moves faster through the air.

Skin-tight materials pressed over skin also push against follicles which may result in ingrown hair, irritation, rashes, or friction. This is why cyclists love fuzz-free bodies. Don’t chance victory. Accurate Laser’s system of hair removal will eliminate hair so you can focus on what matters – winning. Not only that but below are a few more ways that teaming up with Accurate Laser will benefit you:

  • You save time, money, and effort by letting us do all the hard work.
  • Dressing injuries with sticky tape or bandages are easier to apply and remove.
  • You avoid skin reactions from harsh chemicals, dirty razors, and messy waxing strips.

Our state-of-the-art lasers are primed to give you the ride of your life. With cooling agents designed so you don’t feel a thing, let our precise laser technology tackle your hair directly.

So, cyclists, say goodbye to stubble and irritation, say goodbye to buying expensive razors & shaving creams, and pedal to victory with Accurate Laser. Accurate Laser’s non-invasive treatment offers affordable relief from unwanted body hair. Don’t hesitate; book your free consultation today.

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