Spider Vein Treatment

If you suffer from Spider Veins, you know just how embarrassing those red and angry streaks can look. For you, stockings or long sleeves are not just for the Winter months; they are yearlong necessities. We may be reluctant to admit we need help, but it is a fact that chronic embarrassment will wear down your self-esteem. Plus it is estimated that over 60% of the world’s population will get veining some time during the course of their lives.

So why choose to suffer for longer than necessary? Accurate Laser introduces a treatment that gives you a new lease of life. Allow yourself to have clear, fresh looking skin once more.


What are Spider Veins?

They begin as smaller blood vessels, which develop into larger ones and over time branch out to give that spindly spider-like appearance. These unsightly veins give off a trademark blue or purplish appearance, often to the bane of women and men who carry them.

Spider veins are often found on calves, inside leg, thighs, nose, chin or cheeks. However they are not just cosmetic imperfections. Spider veins can be indicative of further circulatory issues and can also lead to ruptures within the body. They can bulge, become itchy or painful, especially when being still for long periods of time. This means that long-haul flights, journeys and meetings can be insufferable. However with laser technology, these marks can be tackled immediately and over a course of treatments, you will see a significant reduction in their appearance. Your legs will be left smoother and with a more even and better complexion.

Endovenous laser treatment can treat larger varicose veins in the legs. A laser fiber is passed through a thin tube (catheter) into the vein. While doing this, the doctor watches the vein on a duplex ultrasound screen. Laser is less painful than vein ligation and stripping, and it has a shorter recovery time.

Laser treatment for spider veins is a quick, effective and noninvasive procedure that uses a focused beam of light to heat and destroy affected veins. When laser energy is applied to the treatment area, it targets the pigment in the blood and warms the vessel without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues

The PicoSure and PicoWay laser treatment is an extremely effective method of removing both types of freckles and leaving the skin clear and smooth. The laser is fired into the freckled area which absorbs it, thus damaging the melanin and breaking it up into small particles. These minute particles then get removed from your body leaving you freckle-free and with the clearer skin that you desire

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