Accurate Laser, based in the heart of London, have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals for safe, effective and pain-free laser hair removal.
Our clinic is equipped with the GentleMax, a medical grade 4, FDA (USA) approved laser system which is the fastest and most powerful hair removal laser technology available. A GentleMax treatment delivers superior results in less time and fewer treatments, making this the most cost-effective system of hair removal to date.

During treatment the skin is protected by the unique, patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) where cryogen is sprayed on to the skin to reduce discomfort and minimise side effects. The DCD utilises bursts of cryogen before and after the laser pulse offering clients additional comfort as it cools the top layer of the skin, while leaving the targeted underlying hair follicle at normal temperature

GentleMax laser treatment is 25% faster than any other lasers on the market today and is revolutionary as it exceeds all other lasers when it comes to detecting fine hair or dealing with the pigmentation of dark skin. Candela GentleMax is therefore suitable for all skin types from pale to dark skin.

With the GentleMax laser technique you can also enjoy the sun both before and after treatment so when you return from your holiday you can safely expose tanned skin to treatment without losing the effect from your previous sessions. The GentleMax technique not only protects your skin during treatment, but it actually gives you smoother and softer skin.

Our laser hair treatments are safe and effective – they are also surprisingly cost effective. We strive for excellence in keeping our clients completely satisfied. It takes on average Just 2 hours to bring you beautiful, smooth skin.


Look Good and Feel Good . .

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Monthly Payment Option

Book a treatment package with Accurate Laser and you can enjoy the option to pay over three monthly instalments. Further extended payment plan options for students and key workers.

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